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New Products introduced this year

new products


ADIPEC Exhibition

F.A.T.I. will be at the 2015 ADIPEC Exhibition


ISO 9001

The Company's quality system is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard by IQNet - CISQ/IMQ-CSQ.


New Certification

FATI announce that we have obtained full certification for our industrial electric heating products for the Russian market. We can now supply GOST-FSTS (ex GGTN) certification with all our products.

For electric heaters operating in zones 1&2 hazardous areas, we can supply FSTS (ex GGTN) certificates.

As this certification is mandatory for all equipment supplied for use in Russia, FATI can achieve significant cost and delivery reductions as no further certification is required.

From the 1st September 2005 FATI can also supply the same certification for all of our electric heaters for use in Kazakhstan.


New Terminal Box

New terminal box protection rating IP66 - IP67.

FATI increased the protection ratings of electric heater terminal boxes to IP66 and IP67. These have been independently tested by a third part inspection authority.


New Flameproof Convector Heater

FATI are introducing a NEW PRODUCT range of hazardous area convector heaters. These heaters feature At ex certified ex-d gas groups IIA IIB & IIC temperature classes T2, T3 & T4 for zone 1 & 2 areas ;enclosure certified IP65 ; single phase or 3 phase power supplies range from 50 W to 4000 W suitable for wall or floor mounting construction in carbon steel or stainless steel ; suitable for ambient temperatures from -40°C + 40°C ; flameproof/explosion proof room thermostats can be supplied .