Air Duct Heaters

air duct heaters

Air duct heaters are designed for flange mounting in connection with climate control / heat regeneration and ventilation systems, heaters usually used for room comfort heating. Special designs, for example, Process systems, Furnaces, Autoclaves, Reheating, Paint drying, Banks, Ships and high temperature duct heaters on request.
FATI duct heaters have been designed for use in air-conditioning and process heating applications. Typical uses include air temperature control in ventilation systems of large buildings, accommodation areas of ships, offshore platforms, process and drying equipment and recreating ovens. All heaters are designed to meet customers specific design requirements. 
Features • Case: Stainless steel, Galvanized steel or Painted steel.
• Elements: Tubular element sun finned or finned with mild or stainless steel sheath.
• Enclosure: Direct or stand off for high temperature
• Sensors: Thermostatic, thermocouple or RTD temperature sensors.
• Controls: Stand alone control panels available or built in to the heater terminal enclosure
Flame-proof electrical Duct Heaters for hazardous areas Classification Ex “d” IIB or IIC and Ex”e”.
Flame-proof duct heaters are designed for mounting in hazardous areas with a temperature classifications up to T6,and zone definition 1 or 2 F.A.T.I. manufacturers to many applications, such as climate units, offshore, chemicals and petrol chemical installations, ship construction and process industry.

The duct heaters are approved to 
EN 60079-0
EN 60079-1