Flanged Heaters


Immersion Heaterds for Hazardous Areas

Typical Applications

  • Fresh Water
  • Sea Water
  • Crude Oil
  • Process Gas
  • Air
  • Tank Heating
  • Synthetic Oils
  • Heating Medium
  • KO Drums
  • Glycol Re boilers
  • Butane/Propane Vaporizer
  • Molecular Sleeve Regeneration


Up to 4000 Kw in a single unit. 

The electric heater bundle can be provided with:

  1. Protective and/ or control devices, thermostat, thermocouple or PT100

  2. Temperature transmitters

  3. Anti condensation heater

  4. Certified cable gland
Particular material can be provided on demand.

Over‐the‐Side Immersion heaters occupy little workspace, require no tank penetrations, and are
easily withdrawn for servicing and replacement. They are immersed within a tank to evenly distribute
heat in a variety of applications Including acid or alkali solutions

F.A.T.I. range of immersion heaters is suitable for heating all process fluids which are non‐corrosive
to the materials of construction.

They are primarily intended for use in bulk storage vessels, flow heaters and hot water calorifiers.
Ideal for generating steam and heating gases and liquids in pressure vessels and tanks, flanged immersion heaters are hairpin‐bent tubular elements welded into a flange and provided with electrical enclosures.

Technical Description

For heating liquids and gases, the certified enclosure is produced in carbon or stainless steel.

  • Up to 36" flange acc. ANSI B 16.5;material carbon steel, high alloy steel, nickel alloy, inconel, etc.
  • Degree protection of the enclosure IP65, 66, 67

  • Standard diameter of heating elements,8.5, 12.5 & 16mm

  • Material of elements FE 35.2, ST. ST304, 316 & 321, Alloy 800, 825, Alloy 600, 625, Hastelloy, Copper.

  • Immersion length up to 300 cm
    •Length: Up to 4 meters 
    •Power ratings: Up to 4 kW 
    •Flange material:Carbon steel, or stainless steel,
    •Sheath material: Copper, steel, stainless steel,