Tubular elements are the most versatile and widely used type of electric heating elements for industrial applications because of their compacted granular instulation, they give long life in a variety of rugged environments. They can be bent into virtually any shape, and finished in an almost endless variety of diameters, lengths and sheet materials.

The electric heating elements are constructed with selected Ni Cr 80/20 wire, centred in a metal tube and insulated with high quality magnesium oxide (MgO), compacted by cold-drawing. The heating elements may be supplied plain or finned, increasing, in the last case, the heat exchange with gaseous fluids. Various material options are available for the tube sheet, such as:

• Carbon steel
• 304(L), 316(L), 321 SST
• Copper
• Titanium
• Inconel 600 or 625
• Incoloy 800 or 825
• Monel
• Hastelloy

Special constructions to client's drawings.

F.A.T.I. heating elements, appropriately improved, are also certified as Increased Safety components, in conformity to: - the European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX), II 2G, according to the Standards EN 60079-0 / 60079-7, Ex e IIC, and - to the Standards IEC 60079-0 / 60079-7, Ex e IIC, according to the international Scheme IECEx.

FATI has manufactured tubular elements since 1945. Since that time, we have developed engineering standards and manufacturing techniques to meet the most demanding applications.